Midland Funding, LLC and Your Credit Report

Who is Midland Funding, LLC?

Midland Funding, LLC is one of the country’s biggest junk debt buyers. Midland buys old, charged off debt (usually credit card debt) for pennies on the dollar. Midland then attempts to collect the full amount of this debt from hapless consumers. Junk debt is often referred to as “Zombie Debt” because the debt comes back to bite you long after you thought it was dead. Midland often refers its debts out to Midland Credit Management, Inc. (“MCMC”) for servicing. MCM may have sent you a collection letter.

 Why is Midland on My Credit Report?

“[R]eporting a debt to a credit reporting agency is ‘a powerful tool designed, in part, to wrench compliance with payment terms . . . .’”[1] In other words, Midland is on your credit report in order to coerce you to pay a debt.

We May be able to Help You Remove Midland from your Credit Report

If Midland is reporting a debt that’s not yours, we can help you get Midland off your credit report at no cost to you. If Midland is reporting an incorrect amount of the debt, we should be able to help you get Midland off your credit report at no cost to you.

How do You Tell if Midland is Reporting an Incorrect Amount?

Midland often adds interest to the debts of Kentucky consumers that it reports to credit reporting agencies. It does this because it’s greedy and a 95% percent return on its investment is just not good enough. I can review your credit report to see if Midland is doing this to you and violating your rights.

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How Can We Help You at No Cost?

Reporting false credit information to consumer reporting agencies violates federal law, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under both of these powerful federal laws, Midland has to pay our  fees and costs if we can win or settle a lawsuit in your favor. We are so confident that we can get Midland to pay me, we won’t charge you a dime if we don’t win or settle your case.

[1] Sullivan v. Equifax, Inc., CIV.A. 01-4336, 2002 WL 799856 (E.D. Pa. Apr. 19, 2002)

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