Collection Lawsuit Defense

You’ve been sued. Now what?

Take action and contact us right away.

You must fight back because doing nothing may lead to economic disaster.

Debt collectors and other creditors bring thousands of collection lawsuits in the Commonwealth of Kentucky each year in hopes that the defendant consumer will do nothing. Doing nothing allows the debt collector to turn a junk debt into a super debt, otherwise known as a default judgment. A default judgment has a renewable fifteen-year statute of limitations running at an interest rate of at least 12%. This turns junk debt into “super debt” that can lurk for years, growing by the day only to explode in the life of the debtor. And it gives the debt collector the right to take up to 25 % of your paycheck by garnishing your wages and/or take money from your bank account by attachment, and file a lien on your real property.

The judgment will likely show up on your credit report for years, damaging your credit, and haunt you for years to come.

Don’t play into the creditor’s hands.

They want you to bury your head in the sand. Debt collectors use the legal system to bully you into submission. Debt collectors know that suing is a good gamble on their part of because they know that about 95% of consumers who are sued on defaulted debts do nothing. Be one of the top 5% and fight back.

We can help you fight.

We have defended hundreds of Kentucky consumers in debt collection actions to prevent default.
Please call or email us for a free consultation. We offer reasonable, low-cost solutions for fighting against oppressive debt collectors and other creditors. And we may find grounds for suing the debt collector back under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”). If we find grounds for an FDCPA lawsuit, we can represent you at no up-front cost. Better yet, we may able to help you recover $1,000.00 in statutory damages against the debt collector.


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