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We are a general civil law practice with a focus on consumer rights, credit defense and defense of consumers from improper debt collection. We are not a “credit repair” company/organization, however improvement of a client’s credit profile is typically the natural result of correcting false, inaccurate credit reporting. As part of our law practice, we also defend our clients against debt collection, especially improper, illegal, or abusive debt collection.


Thank you for representing me twice now! It has truly been life changing for me and restores my faith in humanity! Keep up the good work!

‐ Anne S., 12/15/2023


We fight. We litigate. We succeed.

We are consumer law attorneys who work exclusively for clients in Kentucky. We harness the full force of powerful federal consumer laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to help our clients. We fix credit report errors to raise our clients credit scores. We helped curb some of the worst debt collector abuses in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, such as adding unlawful interest to debt and suing on time-barred debts.


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