Avoiding Default Judgments Against You

If you do not timely respond to a lawsuit filed against you, a Default Judgment will eventually be entered against you by the court.

In Kentucky, after you are “served” (receive) a lawsuit, you must file a response to the lawsuit within twenty (20) calendar days. If you do not file a timely response, the party suing you can file a motion for judgment to be entered against you “by default.”

Be aware that anything you mail to the court or the court clerk, even a letter asking for mercy or help, will be considered a response to the lawsuit. Whatever you admit to or say in your response will be used against you.

If a default judgment is entered against you, any defense or counterclaim you may have will be lost since, by rule, you must assert or raise them before entry of judgment.

It is critical that you obtain professional legal representation before responding to a lawsuit or default judgment is entered against you.

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