What We Do (Services)

We are a general civil law practice with a focus on consumer rights, credit defense and defense of consumers from improper debt collection.  We are not a “credit repair” company/organization, however improvement of a client’s credit profile is typically the natural result of correcting false, inaccurate credit reporting.  As part of our law practice, we also defend our clients against debt collection, especially improper, illegal, or abusive debt collection.

As a lawyer admitted to practice before the Kentucky State Courts and United States Federal Courts of Kentucky, attorney James McKenzie is prepared to litigate when required to defend our clients’ consumer rights and prosecute their claims when their consumer rights have been violated.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

We work to correct credit report errors. Correcting errors will improve your credit score and credit profile. Improving your credit score and credit profile makes your financial life better by helping qualify for loans, apartments, jobs, etc.


We are admitted to all Kentucky state and federal courts. Where appropriate and necessary we are prepared to litigate to protect and vindicate your consumer rights.


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